Impressive heritage of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy dating from the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, undoubtedly a real cultural and historic treasure.  

In fact, this refers to entire Pula, which from 1820 to 1916 was being architecturally shaped as a fortified town. Once the major naval port of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy Pula, together with its surroundings, has kept for over a century 26 magnificent forts or fortifications, as well as 8 artillery batteries, about 60 batteries, trenches, underground tunnels and many other points of interest. The outer ring of Pula’s fortifications covers an area of 40,000 hectares and according to legend all forts were interconnected by a network of underground tunnels. Especially interesting is the story according to which Fort Marie Louise at Muzil was connected with the fort on the Brijuni islands by an underwater tunnel


1. The main fort in Pula is KASTEL located in the center of old city of Pula, and today is museum. In the evening you can visit some of the good concert's or watch the movie. My recommendation is to visit the fort when visiting the old city of Pula. On the top of fort you will have perfect sightseen on the Arena amphitheater, and the whole city of Pula.  More info you can find HERE. The main fort you can find on map HERE

2. Fort  Verudela  today is Aquarium, in the touristic resort of Verudela. More info HERE.

3. Fort Giorgio above the cemetery of Pula.  The great view from the air in 365 degree mode you can find HERE.  

4. Ford Monvidal – easy for  approach

5. Fort st. Mihovil – easy for  approach

6. Fort Cassoni Vecchi – easy for  approach

7. Ford Burginjon –  easy for  approach

8. Fort Stoja – in the meddle of auto camp Stoja

9. Fort Ovina – in the woods, a little hard to approach over the whole fort.

10. Fort Muzil and Maria Luisa is in the military zone and it is in forbidden zone.

11. Fort Puna Cristo was for 10 year the main place for the famous music festivals Dimension and Outlook. Every year around 20.000 young people come to visit music festival. More info you can find HERE.  


More  info about the fortification and history of the every single fort you can find here for ENGLISH, DEUTCH, ITALIAN, FRANCAIS, RUSKI

For easy finding the Fort's aroung the Pula please open the MAP of Google by clicking HERE.




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