Great show „GLADIATORS GAMES“  will take you with travel machine and drop you in the  old time of Roman's gladiators games.


The show is real fight of gladiators. This is not acting, the boys who will be in the show is real gladiators. They practice every day and have fights with other gladiators from other towns.  

The show will also take the you to vote for the life of deaf of gladiators who loose fight.  

The tickets are 80 kn for adult, and 40 kn for the kids above 8 years. Ticket can be bought in front of the arena at the ticket’s office.  

The time table for show is very often, and you can check on web site of Pula info. 

My recommendation to go around 30' before the show, because the Arena is always full of visitors.  

Here is some introduction for the show. 


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