There are some towns who are just so romantic. Venice is just on the fiew hours of driving with hidroboat.

One day trip to Venice is beautiful expirience.


The boat are living from Pula, at 8:00 a.m. and it is driving to Venice for 3 hours.

The treturn is going from Venice in 5:00 p.m. and in Pula is in 9:00 p.m.

There are two tipe of boat's, hydrogliser of Venecia lines and katamaran.

The price is 520 kn per person.

Children from 4 - 14 year are 50% discaunt. There is also option if you are traveling with 3 kids, and the third kid is under 14, so than it is free. (2+1 free)


On boat the staff will offer to you multiple choice for Extra facultative trip like "taxi boat to the center of Venice"; "ride with gondola" "lunch" and "taxi boat back to the hydrogliser" All together are cost around 80 €, and maybe it is good to buy this offer because it is quiet little time to be in Venice for just 5 hours and to see so many things. 

Be aware that the line Pula - Venice, Hydrogliser is regular line, so you have to be on time on the boat for back to Pula. If you are going to be late they will leave you in Venice and NOT WAIT FOR YOU. !!!! 

If you deside to go for the trip please inform me that I can help you in organization. There is also possibility for bus shuttle to pick you up in the morning, and bring you home. At that option you dont have to worry about the parking.

Please, dont forget to bring the passport.

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