National park Brijuni is perfect to spend  beautiful day in nature.

Along the western Istrian coast  the most interesting, the largest and most indented is the Brijuni island group with its 14 islands and islets covering and area of 7.42km2.


More about Brijuni you can read on official site

You can take the virtual tours on the web site of National park.

The sightseeing tour includes: a ride by tourist train, visit to the remains of the Roman villa rustica from the I century B.C. in the bay of Verige, and the safari park which breeds the following animals: zebra, Somali sheep, zebu (the holy east Indian humped ox), dromedary, llama and elephant.
The tour also includes visits to the  Church of St. Germain with permanent exhibition of copies of frescoes and Glagolitic writings from Istra..

The is the entrance fee, depending of the season and the price list you can find HERE.  

If you like to go for the one day trip to Brijuni you have to make reservation for tickets, for the boat. When you are making the reservation you have to give answers for the question  - on what time you like to go with boat?  - and what language you will take for turistic guide?  MY recomandation is to book trip several days before.

You are kindly requested to book the excursion to Brijuni  on the following phone numbers: +385 (0) 52 525883, 525882,  or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., several days before you plan your trip.

For visiting park Brijuni, and if you are guest of Apartment Cezar, or Holiday home Kuntrada you can use parking spot infront the Apartment Braće Ilić 1. Direction from Apartment Cezar Are HERE!

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