Inside, the 2 storey house seems to have been designed by an architect who liked open plan spaces. The house is organised around a large living room with a staircase up to a 1st floor balcony, which leads to all 3 bedrooms. Upstairs there is also a large family bathroom with both a shower and bath. On the ground floor there is a kitchen, living room, dining room and a smaller bathroom with a shower. Whilst the kitchen is small and doesn’t have a microwave, it is best used as a serving kitchen to the large barbecues to be had outside.


Outside the space is framed around the two pools, one for kids and one for adults. Tiled steps take you down into both pools. The pools have HEATED water, so if the rain falls you dont have to be afraid of the cold water in the pool. 

The main sun deck is south facing so you will get sunshine all day, 5 sun loungers allow you to bask in the sun or alternatively a shade is provided should you need it. Evenings can be spent sitting outside barbecuing and socialising,

There is private parking for 1 car, or 2 if parked one in front of the other.

Access to the garden and house is via the side street for both cars and on foot. The rental is for the entire house. There is a parking area off the main road and a garage which is used as a store. This is not accessible to guests from either inside or outside.

Guests will receive a pamphlet containing information about the villa and flyers of nearby amenities.The neighbourhood is quiet, mostly private houses with apartments. There is a small but well stocked supermarket two minute’s walk from the house. The beach is 15 minutes walk away or can be reached in less than 5 minutes by car. There are ample parking spaces on the beach. The town of Fazana is 5 minutes drive and Pula 15 minutes away.

Visiting Pula and the other surrounding towns is best done by private car as the local transport services are currently few and far between.





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