If you like clear tirkiz water, and love stone beaches, then Lungo mare is just the perfect beach. Lungo mare is a 3 km long, stone beach with deep water, perfect place for jumping into the water. In the middle of the beach is the well known Gortan bay. In the bay there is an easy entrance to the water with pebbles. In the woods there is a beach bar for refreshment.


Before Gortan bay, you will pass by Valkane beach, also a nice beach, but doesn't have a natural entrance, it is done with concrete instead. After Gortan bay, you will find also beach of "Valsaline" which is a big pebble beach and also the trampoline on the water for kids.

All three beaches: Valkane, Lungo mare and Valsaline are beaches of the town Pula, and it is free, there is no fee for entrance.

At the end of the beach Lungo mare, there is an adrenaline park for kids. More about that you can find in the section on the website about sport and fun.

It is a little hard to find parking, you just have to be lucky.

From the Apartment Cezar direction to the Lungo mare beach you can find HERE.

From Braće Ilić 1, and House Kuntrada the directions are HERE.

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