Caesar Apartments are located on top of Vinkuran with a beautiful view of the entire Vinkuran bay and three little islands infront of the bay. 
Apartments are in the new building situated in a quiet seaside village with a beautiful sea view 5 km from the city of Pula centre where over 2000 years of history is on display. 


Walking distance - 500 m from pristine beaches,5 km from national parks. 
If night life is what you are after, number of beach bars are near by - night dip - no worries, night clubs, disco and Casino within few kilometers 

Beach of Vinkuran is below the hill that is covered with thick underbrush and forest oak. The beach is located on the right side of Vinkuran bay and can be reached by unpaved road. 
With the port of Vinkuran to Banjole there is a promenade which you can tour the whole Vinkuranskom wave. Along the promenade are lonely wild places for swimming. 

In only 10 minutes you can sail to the Fratarski island or small island Fraškeric, which are seated infront of Vinkuran Bay. You will be delighted with beautiful crystal clear water. Do not forget to bring your snorkeling gear.



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